A woman's purpose

I know I've already written about abortion but I just came across a meme and it triggered this anger inside me! 

    "Look at your bodies women! Breasts, ovaries, and a womb! God created you for the most magnificent job of creating and nourishing new life! What can be more important than this?!?!"

You know what? We are not fucking incubators! Our sole purpose in life is not to reproduce! And if you think it is, what do you tell the women who can't (have kids)? Or the men for that matter!

    Are they just useless lumps 

    of flesh and bone?

    Should they be forced to wander 

    this world aimlessly and alone?

    Because they can't contribute to the  

    overpopulation of this fucked up planet? 

    And you call abortion satanic! 

    "Let he without sin cast the first stone"

    and unless you're perfect,

    leave everyone else the fuck alone! 

I'm so tired of people (women included) looking at us (women) as human fucking incubators. As if the only thing we're good for is having babies. And if we can't or don't want to, then we should feel guilty or ashamed. As if we're less than. As if we're not worthy. And those of us who choose not to are selfish. You know what selfish is? Selfish is having a baby because you want someone to love you! Selfish is bringing a life into this world with no means of caring for it or keeping it safe. Selfish is knowing someone can't take care of a child and or doesn't want a child and trying to force that person to have it because you believe abortion is wrong and then leaving the child to fend for itself once it comes out of the womb. Selfish is projecting your beliefs and your self doubts onto others and expecting them to live their lives the way you think they should.

Until all the children in the foster care system are adopted out by all the pro life people out there, you really need to stop trying to force women to have unwanted fetuses! And even then, even if there are no more unwanted kids in the foster care system, you still have NO right to force a woman to carry an unwanted fetus to term! It's not your decision. If your religion tells you it's wrong then let your God deal with that person who has an abortion. You have no right interfering with someone else's body! That fetus doesn't need you to advocate for it. You don't even know if it wants you to. You have no idea what that fetus might have to go through in life, being born to a mother who didn't want it to begin with. You have no idea if that fetus even wants to be born! Forcing a life into this world without it's consent is selfish! And I can speak to that because I never wanted to be born! I didn't ask for it. I didn't choose to be here.  

If you're so pro life, adopt a kid. Focus on people who are already alive! Focus on all the unwanted kids in the foster system who need homes. Every year, over 20,000 kids age out of foster care and between 31%-46%  were homeless at least once by age 26 ( If you're so pro life, why don't you do something to help prevent this? The homeless population in this country keeps growing. Why don't work to help get them back on their feet? Do their lives not matter? Why don't you help get homeless shelters, transitional housing, rehab centers, affordable housing, and other such things to help the people who are already alive and struggling? And stop focusing on a fetus that can't even breath on its own or survive outside of that womb! You know what that is, that thing that's attached to the woman and feeds off her and breaths through her? It's a parasite!

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